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  • Reel mowers are the first peers of lawn mowers. The latest advanced zero turn mowers evolved from the major basic types of reel grass mowers.

    The reel mowers are still very famous today and even though they remain the outmost basic types of mowers on the market, they have advanced considerably, where some of them are very close to an electric mower with aided cutting knowledge and also grass clipping catchers.

    Pros of reel mowers

    There are several benefits when you chose this type of lawn mower above other forms; conversely, some of these benefits may be considered as negatives, like not having a battery.

    No running costs

    No spark plugs to keep on changing

    No rocks plus shrapnel flying around

    No battery for charging

    No pull chord is needed to start it.


    Look at these reel mower(Top brands in 2015 include Scotts, Fiskars, Great States, Snow Joe and Greenworks)

    The Brill Razor cut 38

    It is an excellent German-made reel mower.

    It weighs 17 pounds, nonetheless is ultra-durable, and has a silent cut style. It works better on a wide variety of grasses but it is not suggested for thicker grasses like St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia. Such thicker grasses tend to turns the light weight to a huge disadvantage from an advantage. In General, this is a remarkable reel mower.

    Scotts Classic Reel Mower


    Has a big 20 inch cutting breadth. It is a workhorse of a thrust reel mower. The cutting breadth of this mower, together with extra back wheels for maneuverability, a cutting height ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches, and a rational weight of 30 pounds helps make this mower a perfect value for the money. It can eliminate a wide range of grasses, and is a good option if you like to maintain your grass on the tall side.. It has been a best seller for more than a decade.

    Mascot 18 Inch 6 Bladed Reel Lawnmower

    It’s a tough and strong push reel mower. It is heavier compared to most push mowers. It weighs about 42 pounds yet it is still simple to use. The additional weight to this mower in reality has a helpful effect, since it allows one to easily drive through bushy grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine. The Mascot mower possesses a silent cut mode, which denotes that the reel blade hardly makes contact through the cutter bar. It has an adjustable cutting range, from half an inch to three quarter inches.

    Fiskars Momentum Reel Lawn Mower

    It’s a brand new model, announced in 2010. Dissimilar to other push mowers, it cast the grass onward, rather than backward. It is a pretty strange appearing beast. It weighs 53 pounds. Similar to the Mascot, this makes it difficult to lift it and carry. However, it is not hard to push during grass cutting.

    This mowers’ cutting height ranges from 1″ to 4″, which is the highest cut of the entire reel mowers on the market. It has an 18 inch slashing width. An additional nice feature on this mower is the chain plus the gearing feature that relates to the way the mower casts the grass forward instead of backward

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  • The sight of a lovely green garden is so reviving, it is something pleasant to observe. However, we frequently come across conceivably wonderful lawns destroyed by poor cutting maintenance. Individuals once in a while consider the importance of purchasing a decent lawn mower, frequently the working is underestimated; they are simply devices to be remembered when the garden is getting congested. Nonetheless, these are crucial cultivating instruments that require legitimate consideration and maintenance. Picking great lawn mower is just as vital for an extraordinary mowing maintenance and experience.

    A lawn mower is a machine that utilizes rotating blades to cut a lawn to an even and consistent height. The blades may be powered either by hand; pushing the mower forward to operate the revolving blades, or may have an electric engine or a gasoline engine to power their blades. Some mowers also incorporate other abilities, for instance collecting their clippings or mulching.

    There are two main blade styles used in lawn mowers. Those using a single blade that revolves about a solitary vertical axis are called rotary mowers, while those using a group of multiple blades that revolve around a single horizontal axis are referred to as reel or cylinder mowers.

    Types of Lawn Mowers Available in the market


    This kind of mower has a cylinder with a number of horizontal edges that turn around while it is consistently pushed. The cylinder adjustment ascertains how the cut will look. This specific lawn mower is best for gardens in which the ground surface is smooth. Cylinder mowers can have the sharpened blades turned by an engine or hand driven.


    Hover mowers are best for smaller gardens. The lawn mowers are ordinarily electric and petrol-driven (gas-driven) choices. If you have a comparatively small, somewhat levelled zone and would like a cheap, lightweight and quiet mower then this is the one fit for you.


    Has either 2 or 3 revolving cutting sharpened blades. Ride-ons are likewise called zero-turn mowers or lawn tractors. It produces a fabulous quality. A riding machine has several more plans to attach extra fixtures, for example, snow blowers and so on. These sorts of machines are costly as contrasted with the initial two sorts. One exceptionally famous riding mower is the zero turning radius, which can work in zones where the landscaping configuration has bunches of smaller territories secured with yard.

    Rotary Electric

    This kind of mower is moderately inexpensive, low upkeep, quiet and lightweight. The typical disadvantage to electric mowers is that periodically there isn’t sufficient electric power supply and keeping the electrical cord clear can be an enormous problem. If you can keep your garden consistently trimmed and needn’t bother with the power, then electric may be the best approach.

    Rotary Petrol

    They are more costly, noisier and heavier. Some come outfitted with a 3 horsepower engine which gives enough power to make cutting your lawn a breeze.


    This sort is super pleasant as it helps moving across the yard without need to physically push the mower the whole time. The petrol engine must offer abundant power as it needs to power both the turning of the rotor blades and to turn the wheels.

    Numerous producers have even manufactured electrically powered rotary mowers. The fundamental advantage of an electric one is lessened noise levels while working. But a gas-powered machine produces considerably more power than an electric one resulting in better grass cuts.

    The most effective method to choose a Lawn Mower

    • Analyse brands available in the market like Honda, Toro, Lawn-Boy, and so forth.
    • Check the external features and material type utilized for the deck
    • Consider terrain of garden
    • Size of lawn
    • Warranty of the mower

    Assuredly you get nice ideas on what to pay close attention when buying a lawn mower. Indeed with a tight budget plan, you can still get one that is economical yet still with the capacity to help you in your mowing activities. This was simply a short introduction of the types of mowers normally available in the market. Ensure you search for their detailed ratings and reviews before you settle on any final purchasing choice.

    Reviews of top mower brands in 2015: Husqvarna, Snapper, Swisher, MTD and Weed Eater

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